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1. Product name: chloroethane; ethyl chloride

2. Molecular formula: C2H5Cl

3. Molecular weight: 64.515

4. Properties: It is gas in NTP, it will be colorless low viscosity volatile liquid in LT or compressed, liquid RD (d20)0.9214. steam RD 2.22(air=1). melting point -138.7°C. critical pressure 5.27Mpa, vapour pressure 134.78Kpa(20°C) flash point -43°C, self-ignition point 519°C.

5. Uses: The material of tetramethyl lead, ethyl cellulose and ethyl carbazole dye, used as aerosol, cryogen, local anessthetic, ethylating agent, polymerization solvent, knock compound.

6. Quality standard:



Assay % 
Moisture % 

7. Packing, transportation and storage:

Pressed, 300kg or 500kg in 500kg or 1000kg steel cylinder, no overload. It can be explosive mixture with air. Kept in ventilating place, avoid insolation, The temperature should not be more than 40°C. It is toxic chemicals.

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