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Diethyl phosphite

Diethyl phosphite

Diethyl phosphite bulk packing for export

1. Trade name: Diethyl phosphite

2. Product name: Diethyl phosphite

3. Molecular formula: (C2H5O)2POH

4. Structural formula:

5. Molecular weight: 138.10

6. Properties: Colorless or straw yellow transparent liquid. specific gravity (d200)1.074. Boiling Point: 187-188°C , Refraction: 1.4076(20°C). dissolve in alcohol, aether and other organic solvents.

7. Uses: Used as extractant and intermediate, or the synthesis of plasticizer and fire retardant.

8. Quality standard: Q/LJH001-2001

a) Appearance: Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid .

b) Quality Index:
Diethyl phosphite ≥98%
Acidity(as Hcl ) ≤0.5%

9. Packing, transportation and storage: 200kg in 250L polypropylene bucket, avoid rain, insolation, high temp. and fire, packed in cool dry airiness place, the pile method should meet the safe standard. It should be separated from foods, seeds, acid , alkali and forage. No contact with skin, or inhale.

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